Web Design

Web design is awesome! Coming initially from a print background I have found the transition into the digital publishing arena a fascinating journey; especially now with the move towards responsive design which I am starting to work in. I am fluent in HTML5 and CSS3 and I'm currently adding PHP and mySQL to that. jQuery and Wordpress after that. Aside from this very site which has been design as a 'mobile first' enterprise, below are some examples of projects I have personally created.

Profile site (university project)

University profile site onscreen

This was the first project of my second year. Being a fan of simple and white space design, I wanted to experiment with those philosophies.

The site can be viewed here.

Impressionism essay and coursework site (university project)

Impressionism essay site onscreen

A section of my Creative Digital Media Production module required an essay and coursework based around an art movement. I chose Impressionism and coded a site who's function was to present the information and work with a gentle nod to the subject matter in the design.

The site can be viewed here.

Stamp Entertainment

The Stamp Entertainment site onscreen

My brother used to be in a rock band in Dubai and, upon leaving, decided to form a United Emirates based entertainment agency. All the family have helped him where we can and I've coded him a website. This is somewhat a work in progress.

The site can be viewed here.

Department of Information & Communication (university project)

The mockup work for the Department of InfoComms website

This is a university project that I am currently working on. My group must design and create a website that communicates the department's character in a more informal way than its official site. So far we have taken the project through card sorting, wireframing, a parallel design process and comping. We are now on the verge of user testing.