Graphic Design

Most of my designs begin on paper though I'm not unaccustomed to diving straight into Photoshop and getting stuck in. Where possible, I like to keep my designs simple; the message being the important part of any graphical communication. I have designed for a variety of mediums some of which can be seen below.

CD cover design: Winters Tale - Barrage

Winters Tale, Barrage CD cover design

In the role of Barrage's Artistic Director I was able to work extensively on all merchandise design. This is essentially a matte painting using various images and compositing them together using a variety of techniques.

Comic Heroes Series

Comic style 'heroes' series

To enhance a first year university project I created stylised portraits of my group members. This 'comic' style was popular amongst the department faculty who commissioned me to create portraits of family and friends.

Rochford Harney Music Productions Logo

Rochford Harney Music Productions logo design

Rochford Harney Music Productions needed a logo rebranding having not been updated for over ten years. I was able to simplify their design, provide a recognisable logo and fresh colouring.

Guest speaker responsive event poster

University resonisve design event poster

The catchily WDIRMTCARW event was organised by my university department and brought in speakers from around the North West to speak on the subject. I wanted to create a poster that could be considered a nod to website design using vibrant colours and icons.

Christmas card

A Christmas card

Described as somewhat droll by one or two recipients, this Christmas card was sent to friends worldwide. It was digitally painted in Photoshop using my Wacom tablet.

Fairplay Baby logo

Fairplay Baby logo design

A friend was considering starting up a online fair-trade baby clothing shop and needed a logo. I based the waving bear on the Fair-Trade logo seen on relevant packaging. Unfortunately the project never left the drawing room.

University profile illustrations

Illustrations for my university profile

In an attempt to stand out a little, I decided to include illustrations in my university portfolio. It worked, I got 95%!

Teepee Communications logo

Logo design for Teepee Communications

Another friend commission; I wanted to link the teepee concept with digital marketing and communication. Whilst doubling as the canvas design, the asterisks could also be seen as unspecified text. This is still a work in progress and is likely to be improved in the future.

Lost Invaders web banner

Web banner for music group, Lost Invaders

Lost Invaders were a small electronic music project that commissioned me to design them a banner with retro imagery brought forward to the modern day.