Once I finally got my own DSLR I could get stuck into video production. When doing work for clients I'll often start at the storyboard phase as I find this really gets the client and myself on the same page. I do all my own filming, direction and editing but any help is always appreciated!

Merry Go Round - Planas feat. Claudia Georgette

Having done some work for another of Exceptional Records' artists I was asked to come up with a concept and video for Planas. I was able to secure the location and source props and lighting on a particularly tight budget.

The John Rylands Library: Hiding in Plain Sight

This was my submission for a first year university coursework. I was tasked to produce a seven minute video about a subject of my choosing. I was lucky/persuasive enough to secure permission to film in the John Rylands Library, something usually only awarded to large production studios.

Spillshak - Jonesco Plastics Ltd.

A two and a half minute product video for Preston based rotational moulding company, Jonesco. This project had a particularly short turnaround time of one week. After shooting on a Friday, a French and English edit was needed by the following weekend for a convention in France.


Animation projects are very rewarding. They're also very lonely. Similarly to video but even more essential is the storyboarding phase. I work with a program called Toon Boom Animate which allows an artist to work in an environment similar to Adobe's Flash. However the main difference is that elements can be position along the z-axis regardless of their position in the layers panel. Whilst probably being complete jargon gobbledygook to most, it means that I produce cool animations such as the ones below

U.F.O. - The Boxtones

This is my most recent animation. Dubai based band, The Boxtones, commissioned an animated music video for their upcoming single, UFO. This video is yet to be released so keep it a secret!

Worship the Sun - Black Diamond Bay

Made for genre inventing 'electro-folk' band, Black Diamond Bay, this is one of my favourite animations. I came up with the story purely from the song title and the style was based on shadow puppet animation. The elements were originally cut out of card and then scanned into the computer for rigging and animation.

Bulletproof - Pitch Twit

This was my first animation of any length. Pitch Twit is an electro-funk outfit from Leeds. I had already created the Pitch Twit characters so it seemed a logical subsequent step to make them move.