Matt Harney

Good afternoon, I'm Matt Harney
and I love working with all mediums of Digital Media. I can design for print and the web, illustrate and animate, and I also work with video. This is my digital portfolio. Thanks for visiting, click on and hopefully we'll chat later.


Please take a moment to peruse examples of the work that I have done. You can also go to dedicated pages by clicking on the links below.

Video and animation

  • Drinking champagne in the floating gardens
  • The opening titles of my John Rylands Library video
  • A video still showing a sillhouetted armchair surrounded by parasols
  • A man in blue opens the Spillshak
  • The girl carries her colour machine up the hill
  • Jesse Mahoney plays the rockstar

Video is a lot of fun. I can shoot, direct and edit video for bands and musicians, companies and individuals, and documentaries. Animation is a lot of fun too but only once it's completed! It takes an age.

Graphic design

  • The waving Fairplay Baby bear
  • A snowman makes alterations to his anatomy
  • The interlinked R and H of the Rochford Harney logo
  • A violin lies half buried in the snow
  • A cartoon boy reclines with a football pitch behind him
  • Space Invaders surround the Lost Invaders logo
  • The Teepee Communications speechbubble wigwam logo
  • Event title displayed on various screens
  • A doodle of me codeing under a tree

I started designing on my travels, picking up a lot of inspiration along the way. I love the whole process; from brief or wisp of an idea through to the finished article. I get a kick out of seeing a design finally in print and it's a great to get your hands on a tactile version of whatever it is you've been working on. I've worked on posters, logos, CD & DVD covers, digital painting, banners... I continue to add to the list.

Web design

  • A screenshot of my uni profile site
  • A screenshot of my university essay site
  • A mockup of my uni department website

Web design is fascinating. I hand code all my sites but I'm always a little in awe of the fact that all those rules and numbers turn into layout, design and interactivity.


  • The sun setting over Florence
  • An old American bander parked up at a motel
  • A girls profile facing a lighted candle
  • One of the Barrage fiddlers, Kristina Bauch
  • A newly wedded couple kiss in front of the church
  • The last cherry is surrounded by angry fruit
  • A newly wedded couple's first dance
  • An old house in Conwy
  • The lift machinery at Astley Colliery

Similar to my experience with graphic design, I started to appreciate photography most on my travels. Professionally I've shot weddings and stage events.


A cartoon of me sitting at a desk next to my cat

I've just come to the end of my second year at Manchester Metropolitan University studying Digital Media with Marketing (BSc) and I've been scoring first class marks throughout. Here's to continuing in that trend for my final year!


  • Fluent in HTML & CSS
  • Got my fingers around PHP & MySQL
  • jQuery & Wordpress next on the agenda
  • Graphic design
  • Video production
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Musical composition, arrangement, performance & direction
  • Happy on a Mac or PC
  • Adobe CS Design and Production Suite, Final Cut Pro Suite, Toon Boom Animate, MS Office...

Summary of me

  • 9 years international touring experience in 28 countries
  • 2 years in leadership and managerial roles
  • An abundance of client facing experience
  • Communicative, organised and collaborative
  • All round pleasant fellow


I used to have form here but spamming bots got wind of it. I’ll get round to adding an ’are you a robot’ thing at some point but for now just tweet me.